Full Name

Cleo Telerín








Squabbling with her siblings


Hayley Maki


Cuquìn, Colitas, Pelusin, Tetè, Maripì


Tomato (Mostly)


Black hair tied in a half ponytail with a red bow, white shirt with red sleeves and a panda emblem, blue jeans, and teal shoes with white stripped soles.

First Episode

The Premiere

Cleo Telerín is the oldest of the siblings and loves to help anyone whether it's her siblings or anyone else when they have a problem, Cleo sometimes feels that her other siblings are jealous because Cleo is the oldest.


Cleo is the oldest of the 6 siblings and is 8 years old. There is nothing in this world that she likes more than playing. No matter what happens, she always looks for a way to play a new game and have a new adventure. That is for sure! Her adventures only have happy endings. For Cleo, to think and act are the same things, and so she very rarely stops to think about the consequences of her actions.


Cleo has black hair with a red bow for a ponytail and wears a two-tone red shirt with a panda design, blue denim jeans and dark blue sneakers. Her bow glows when she has an idea.


  1. Being a or helping (blank job or others) rocks!
  2. Of course. THAT'S IT!
  3. It's playtime.
  4. Quickly, panda bag.
  5. And the best thing is, now I know what I want to be when I grow up a/an (blank job).

Relationships Edit


Cleo has a very close bonding relationship with her younger brother, Cuquin. They are always seen playing and working together when it comes to helping their friends or solving problems. Cuquin loves his big sister and the two share a nice brother and sister relationship.



They have a neutral relationship, as it’s either good or bad. Cleo sometimes has a rivalry with Maripi when playing sports or deciding on something. But they sometimes get along.


Cleo is like a big sister to Colitas. She loves helping Colitas when she feels sad or when wanting help. She and Colitas are good friends. And Cleo never has a rivalry with her. Colitas is mostly Cleo’s best friend and she has a good relationship with her.



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